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did you know body contouringNo matter how your body shape, skin tone, diet or exercise plan is, over time our skin loses elasticity, collagen weakens and it becomes harder to lose certain pockets of fat. We also develop wrinkles, fine lines and have a genetic predisposition to cellulite, which becomes a common concern for both men and women.

For several years, a number of techniques have been used to tighten the skin. One of the earliest techniques involved the use of hot stones, which can be uncomfortable and often painful. Many technologies have tried to use non-invasive methods to rejuvenate skin, but have failed to satisfy patients. If you are interested in a comfortable, affordable treatment that provides superior results with no downtime continue reading.

Finally, there is a non-invasive and pain free solution for you! This revolutionary treatment use Radio Frequency, Magnetic Pulse Therapy technology, which causes collagen synthesis, contraction, fibroblast, and lipolysis, to treat all of your concerns in one program. This non-surgical treatment is offered to you at a lower cost compare to the traditional surgical solutions. If you live in Houston, The Woodlands, Tomball, or Spring book your free consultation session now to learn more about this treatment.

Is Body Contouring Right For You?

Do you find yourself saying “YES!” to any of the following questions? If so, the Venus Legacy system may be the perfect solution to help you improve the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles as well as overall body contouring.

is body contouring right for you body contouring

  • Are you interested in taking advantage of the latest and most advanced beauty technology to help improve the appearance of problem spots on your face or body?
  • Does cellulite get in the way of your confidence despite a healthy lifestyle, clean diet and commitment to overall wellness?
  • Are you interested in non-invasive treatments that fit into your busy schedule, requiring little to no downtime and minimal discomfort?
  • Do you want to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, revealing your naturally radiant beauty?
  • Are you interested in preventative, anti-aging treatments?

Venus Legacy Fast Facts

venus legacy fast facts body contouring

  • Tightens skin
  • Venus Legacy delivers 100% safe, painless treatments and is suitable for all skin types
  • Smooth’s deep lines and wrinkles
  • Improves the appearance of skin
  • Diminishes redness
  • Lifts the eye area, elevates the cheeks and brows (Eye Lift)
  • Lifts, sculpts & contours the neck and body (Neck Lift)
  • Controls acne breakouts & lesions
  • Reduces appearance of cellulite & stretch marks (Cellulite Reduction/Elimination)
  • Long-term tissue remodeling for lasting results with minimal maintenance

Does Body Contouring Hurt?


In a word: No! Whether your concern is to get rid of cellulite from your inner thighs/legs, cure loose skin after pregnancy, burn the extra fat from your stomach, or even facial lifts, Venus Legacy treatments are completely painless. Our patients describe their sessions as relaxing, even feeling like a luxurious hot stone massage. There are no incisions or needles required, so there is virtually no downtime with Venus Legacy. You can go about your day following treatment with no one guessing you’ve paid a visit to the skin tightening Clinic at Beauti4Skin MedSpa.

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