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Lean how to perform a perfect Diamond Glow Treatment

This blog post is intended to help aestheticians to perform a perfect Diamond Glow treatment for their clients by pairing the treatment with an Enzyme Peel. Diamond Glow is a light peel that helps to deep cleanse the skin and remove any congestion. This treatment is perfect for acne prone skin, as it will help to bring all the conditions to the surface and make the skin prep for a deeper peel or TCA peel. By using the glycolic wash tubes to break the skin and make the skin prep for the treatment. This cleanser might give the client a tingling/burning sensation, but it should be okay as long as it doesn't cause an irritation or redness. To prep the skin for the treatment it is recommended to perform an Enzyme Peel to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, which will open the pores and allow for better suction and infusion of the Diamond Glow prob. This treatment can be performed on all skin types including Onyx Skin tone.

Watch the video below for a step by step on how the Diamond Glow Treatment is performed by our aesthetician.

Number 1 Medspa

Diamond Glow Treatment
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