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Reduce Muscle Pain.

Muscle Pain Reduction In Houston TX

Reduce Muscle Pain.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

If you are struggling with muscle pain or inflammation, you may be searching for a solution that will provide you with relief without needing to take medicine in the long term. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a great, safe treatment that can relieve muscle pain and help to speed healing.

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Reduce Muscle Ache

PEMF a treatment that has been in use for the past couple of decades (especially among professional athletes!) and is becoming more popular among the general public.

A PEMF session will target a particular area of your body for muscle pain reduction.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy in Houston Texas

After completing the treatment, you can expect: Reduced pain — Reduced inflammation — Faster injury healing — Faster muscle recovery — Improved circulation

How PEMF Works

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy works by stimulating your body at the cellular level. For the pain reduction treatment, we apply special pads that contain layers of magnetic coils. We’ll choose the pad shapes and apply them based on the area of your body where you’re experiencing muscle pain. The device then emits pulses of electromagnetic energy. These waves increase blood flow at the micro-level of your blood vessels. It’s this increased circulation that reduces inflammation and boosts cell function, including cell reproduction. These effects help to reduce muscle pain and swelling and can accelerate healing. If you are suffering from arthritis symptoms or a long-term injury, PEMF will alleviate your painful symptoms and promote healing of the underlying issue.


Is PEMF Therapy Safe?

For almost all clients, PEMF is completely safe with no negative side effects. In some cases, PEMF devices have been known to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate. If you have unusually low blood pressure, PEMF may not be a good treatment for you.

Does PEMF Therapy Hurt?

No. PEMF therapy is a totally non-invasive treatment for muscle pain reduction. Some clients report mild discomfort while the therapy is going on that ends immediately afterwards. Most clients report no discomfort at all.

Can PEMF Therapy Treat Broken Bones?

Some studies have suggested that PEMF therapy can help to heal fractured bones. However, this is a developing application of PEMF, and not one that we currently practice. If you are dealing with a broken or fractured bone, we recommend speaking to your doctor. We recommend PEMF instead to address muscle pain and inflammation.

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