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Make Your Eyes Stand Out.

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Eyeliner Tattooo

Nothing completes your makeup look like perfect eyeliner…but nothing is trickier to master. And applying and removing eyeliner every day is a massive pain. Permanent eyeliner uses a specially designed tattoo to give you that perfect lined lid every day, for up to two years.

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The Perfect Liner

Imagine how you feel with the perfect eyeliner. You could wake up like that every day.

Enhance the mirror of your soul with the latest eyelid tattooing techniques.

Benefits of Eyeliner Tattoo in Houston Texas

After a Houston eyeliner tattoo appointment, you can expect: Perfectly lined eyes in your chosen style — Fuller looking eyelashes — Enhanced eye shape

How Eyeliner Tattoo Work

During a permanent eyeliner session, we’ll first discuss exactly the look you want. Eyeliner tattoos can be totally customized, whether you want a natural look that simply darkens the lash line or a bolder line, or even winged tips. Your technician will discuss your preferences and the best way to suit your eye shape. We then apply a numbing cream and use a small handheld tattoo gun to apply the pigment. Unlike a traditional tattoo, the pigment only penetrates the first few layers of skin.


How long does tattooed eyeliner last?

Eyeliner tattoos last for 1-2 years, or longer for some clients. When they start to fade, you can come in to get them touched up.

Do eyeliner tattoos hurt?

Getting tattoos on a sensitive part of skin such as your eyelids does create some pain. But the procedure has been significantly improved in recent years, making it less painful than you might think. We usually apply a topical numbing cream to make you feel more comfortable.

What will my eyes look like after getting permanent eyeliner?

You can expect your eyelids to look swollen for up to about 72 hours. We recommend an eye drop to use daily to help the swelling and healing. Over the next couple of weeks, you will likely experience some flaking and redness. Within about three weeks, your eyelids should be totally healed.

How can I make my eyeliner tattoos last longer?

Use a gentle makeup remover on your eyes, and avoid touching or rubbing them. Wearing sunglasses when in bright weather can help to prevent fading from UV rays.

Can I get eyeliner tattoos if I have lash extensions?

We recommend having your lash extensions removed before getting tattooed eyeliner. To minimize the risk of infection, we want to make sure that there’s nothing around your eyes, and that includes glue from lash extensions. Once your eyelids are healed, you can get your extensions reapplied.




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