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Eyebrow Threading

Everyone loves a perfectly defined brow, but maintaining it can be a pain – literally! If you haven’t tried eyebrow threading in Houston, you’re missing out on the easiest way to remove any unwanted facial hair. Threading is an all-natural technique that gently pulls hairs directly from the follicle. It’s an ideal way to achieve exactly the shape you’re looking for, without the pain of waxing or tweezing.

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The Results of Threading

Whether you want a bold, natural brow or a carefully manicured angle, eyebrow threading can produce exactly the look you want.

Did you know that threading isn’t just for eyebrows? It can be use for any area on the face. Threading is also popular for the upper lip and chin. Especially in these sensitive skin areas, threading is often the least painful and least irritating hair removal method.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading in Houston Texas

After a session with one of our professionals, you can expect: The removal of unwanted facial hair, including half-grown hairs — Well defined brow line — Enhanced brow shaping — No irritation from heat or chemicals.

How an Eyebrow Threading Treatment Works

Once you’re relaxed in a reclining chair, one of our threading experts uses a single piece of twisted cotton thread. The thread is pulled across hair, lifting it out of the follicle at the root. If you’re used to tweezing or waxing, you’ll find that threading is less painful. It’s also more precise. Threading can target just one hair at a time, so you can get exactly the shape you want. Each session begins with a consultation, so your specialist knows exactly what you have in mind.


Does threading hurt?

Most clients report that threading doesn’t hurt, although it may feel slightly uncomfortable or unusual. Threading is gentler than tweezing or waxing.

Is threading safe for sensitive skin?

Yes! In fact, we especially recommend threading if you have sensitive skin. Waxing may aggravate your skin, but threading uses only a cotton thread – no heat or chemicals.

What will my skin look like after threading?

Immediately after threading, your skin may be a little red and sensitive. This will go away naturally on its own within an hour or two, but you can also soothe the area by applying an ice cube or a cooling spritz.

How often should I make a threading appointment?

Because threading can remove partially-grown as well as full-grown hairs, the results can last longer than waxing. Most clients can do at-home touch-ups at about the two week mark, then come in again after four weeks. Or if you prefer not to tweeze at all, plan to come in every two to three weeks.

Can I get a threading treatment after surgery?

If you’ve recently had a cosmetic procedure, we typically recommend holding off on any threading for a couple of weeks. We would be happy to consult with you about your individual case.



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