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3D Lip Blush In Houston TX

Fill and Plump Your Lips.

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3D Lip Blush

3D lip blush is a semi-permanent way to enhance your natural lips. Without any injections, you can enjoy lips in a beautiful color, with a fuller, more symmetrical shape.

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Perfect Rosy Lips Every Day

Choose your ideal color within a few shades of your natural lips, and enjoy your gorgeous smile every day for years.

3D Lip Blush is for you if you want defined lips with volume, you value your time, and like the confidence that makeup gives you.

Benefits of Lip Blush Tattoos in Houston Texas

After getting lip blush tattoos in Houston, you can expect: A subtle tint of your chosen color — Appearance of more volume — Sharpened lip shape — Improved lip symmetry — Camouflaging of scars or hyperpigmentation — Even tone

How Lip Blush Tattoos Work

3D lip blush is a kind of cosmetic tattooing. Your technician will use a handheld wand with small needles, applying pigment in multiple layers to create a filled-in shade. At the beginning of each appointment, we apply a topical numbing cream to your lips to make the procedure more comfortable. Then, your technician will outline your lip shape and create a custom pigment in the consultation with you.


How long does 3D lip blush last for?

3D lip blush is a semi-permanent form of tattoo. The results last for 1-2 years, depending on your skin and lifestyle.

How often will I need touch-ups?

We recommend coming in for a touch-up appointment 6 weeks after your initial procedure. Sometimes variances in skin texture can create slight differences in results. With a touch-up, we blend any unevenness and make sure your lips look perfect. After that, you can come back in every 1-2 years for a touch-up as your lips fade.

Do lip blush tattoos work for all skin tones?

Not everyone is the right candidate for this treatment. Our Artist needs to examine your lips and let you know if it is possible to do the procedure or not.

How do I pick a color?

We encourage you to experiment with lip colors you like leading up to your appointment. When you come in, you can bring your favorite lipstick, pictures of yourself, or inspiration pictures. We’ll work based on your inspiration and your skin tone to create a custom pigment that will look beautiful and natural. This entire process is done in consultation with you, and you have the final approval over the color.

Does 3D lip blush add volume?

Lip blush tattoos add the appearance of volume without actually increasing the size of your lips. For many people, the outer edges of the lips lack color. With lip blush, we can restore color to those areas, which makes your lips look larger. We can also sharpen your lip shape by creating more fullness along the sides or making your cupid’s bow more pronounced – all at your discretion. The result is full, plump-looking lips that are all naturally your own.

What is the healing process like?

For a couple of days after the procedure, your lips are likely to be swollen and tender. We’ll recommend an ointment to help soothe and heal them. Your lip color will also appear quite dark, but as your top layers of skin heal, it will fade to your desired color. You can expect some scabbing in the first week, so you shouldn’t schedule a lip blush appointment right before any major events.




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