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Saggy Skin

Sagging skin is the loss of elasticity in your face, body, and neck, which causes loose, wrinkled, or drooping skin. When firm skin loses the ability to snap and stretch back into place easily, it becomes saggy skin. This is commonly due to aging, but can also accompany pregnancy, weight loss, or illness. Saggy skin can appear anywhere in the body but is most common on the chin, eyelids, upper arms, stomach, or throat.

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Saggy Skin May Emerge at Any Age

However, most people notice that their skin starts sagging as they become older as the skin slows down the production of elastin and collagen in the skin.


Risk Factors for Saggy Skin

While anyone can get saggy skin, those who have lost structural fibers in their skin due to older age are the most commonly impacted group. Other factors can also contribute to saggy skin, including ethnicity, genetics, pregnancy, or other medical conditions. The longer you allow saggy skin to persist, the worse it gets, so it's better to seek help as soon as you notice it happening.

Treatment Options for Saggy Skin in Houston

If you feel embarrassed by your saggy skin, it is likely that a treatment will help. There are several different types of treatments available for saggy skin. We may recommend one or multiple treatments depending on the thickness of your skin. If you're ready to get started, we'll provide a free consultation to find the best option that promotes healthier looking and tighter feeling skin.


How Can I Prevent Sagging Skin?

Most cases of saggy skin can be prevented with a good skincare routine. It is essential to avoid the use of sunbeds or tanning, limit your alcohol intake, and protect yourself from smoking by limiting how often you do it or stopping altogether. You should also wear sunscreen every day whenever you are outside for long periods of time and try not to over-dry your skin.

Should I Wait to Get Treatment for My Sagging Skin?

The longer you allow sagging skin to persist, the worse it gets, so seeking help as soon as possible is better than waiting until there's too much damage. There are many different types of treatments available depending on the severity of treatment needed to create smoother-looking skin and prevent the further onset of sagging skin.

Who Is at Risk for Sagging Skin?

Anyone can find themselves with sagging skin, especially as you go through the natural aging process which makes your skin lose elastin and collagen. Others who may be at risk include those who have lost a lot of weight, experienced pregnancy or have certain medical conditions.

Can I Treat My Saggy Skin at Home?

There are many advertised at-home treatments for sagging skin. However, these treatments won't guarantee the results you're looking for or last for a long period of time. For real results and a cure to sagging skin, try our chemical peels, body contouring, or skin tightening laser therapy treatments.

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